Physics A 2011

Welcome to Northridge Academy High School!  My name is Mr. Arias, and we will be working together this year. In this syllabus, I will outline briefly what you can expect from me this semester and what I expect from you.  Specifically, I hope to help students develop their understanding of Physics, as well as their analytical and critical thinking skills in preparation for future science courses and advanced placement tests. Please read this carefully with your parents if there is anything that you do not understand or if you have questions about anything please contact me for clarification. 

Course Introduction:  Physics is the study of interactions and change using mathematics to describe and predict natural phenomena and to express principles and theories. The focus of this Physics course is student learning through scientific inquiry.  This year long course is structured to address the California Content Standards for Physics and through hands-on laboratory experiences. Topics that will be studied include motion and forces, conservation of energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves, electric and magnetic phenomena.  Students will have opportunities to do individual and group assignments, laboratory experiments, critical thinking activities, research reports and various types of science projects that connect their newly acquired knowledge to real-life experiences. Students will also work to improve their scientific literacy skills.  Emphasis will be placed on laboratory safety, understanding the nature of science and the “questioning” process that is the heart of scientific inquiry. It will be a very exciting year!

Expectations:  My first priority is providing a safe, student-oriented learning environment.  I expect students to conduct themselves responsibly, courteously and to be accountable for their own actions and academic success.  Our class rules include the following expectations for all students:

Be Prompt.             Be in your seat, quiet and ready to work when the bell begins to ring.
Be Prepared.      Have all supplies, textbook, composition book and completed homework
with you.
Be Productive.      Begin work immediately and stay on task.  Do your best work.
Be Polite.                Show respect to your fellow classmates and to your teacher
Be Positive.            Have a positive attitude.  Take pride in your classroom, your classmates
and yourself.