Biology Class Projects

Cell City Project - The goal of this project is for you to write a proposal for a city that has parts that are analogous to the organelles within the cell.

Cell City Project | Resources

The Body Tour Brochue - assignment is a summary activity to allow you to demonstrate you learned about the human body.

Body Tour Brochure

Children's Story Book - The purpose of this assignment is to write a story meant for a middle school student explaining the process of protein synthesis.

Children's Story Book | Resources

Trading Card Assignment - this is a review assignment to be completed in preparation of the California Standards Test (CST).

Trading Cards

Dinner with Darwin Project - the goal of this project is to get you to have a healthy debate between the scientists that influenced evolution and you and your family during a holiday dinner.

Dinner with Darwin Project

The Home Cooking Activity - This is an opportunity to share with your classmates about a dish from your cultural background or heritage.

Home Cooking Activity |

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