Spring 2011 Biology

Evolution, Ecology, and Physiology

The second semester of general biology covers some of the most tangible to students. This semester we will discuss the force that causes the diversity that we see all around us. Where did all the different organisms that we see come from? Why have so much diversity? Well the answer is evolution. Evolution is caused by the slow process of natural selection. We will learn how this process of natural selection creates new forms of life through speciation

Ecology is the study of the interactions of living things and their enviroment. We will discuss the how the biodiversity is measured and how the changes are recorded by humans. We will also discuss how communitites return after natural disasters like fire, and floods.

Please check back here regularly for topics, videos, handouts, and resources to help you be successful in biology.

How to support your children in biology.

What can parents do to help ensure students meet their potential.

Check Grades On-Line
In an effort to ensure your child’s success I have made your student’s grade accessible to you and your son or daughter on the World Wide Web. Those of you that have internet connection at home or at work can look up your students’ grade at anytime you would like. You should not have to wait to see your student’s grade until the 5, 10, 15, or 20 week report cards. None of your student’s personal information is listed on these online reports. Students are listed by their school ID numbers and their grades are password protected. I hope this proves useful in keeping students up to date on their assignments. To access grades go to http://www.csun.edu/~dla16236/grades/ . Then click on the drop down menu and select the period your student is in. Then type in your child’s last name and then type in their password. Their password were passed out to the students in their advisory class.

Textbook website
The textbook website can be found at www.classzone.com and it has a wealth of resources to help your child review and study for this biology class. The website has interactive reviews such as concept maps, vocabulary games, interactive tutorials, practice quizzes, and animations. The website is free and available at any time.
The user name is nahsstudent
The password is password

After School Tutoring
There is free tutoring at Northridge Academy on Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Thursdays before and after school. Check with the main office for times.

Before School Tutoring
I am in my classroom every morning by 7:15. If you would like to drop your son or daughter off for some tutoring or homework help please send them to my classroom (room 309).

Study Time
Provide your child with a quite place to study for at least 30 minutes a night. This includes distractions such a cell phone, an IPod, or a computer. Biology is its own language and your son or daughter cannot learn the language of biology without review. Even if they already have their homework finished, please ask your son or dauther to explain what they learned and review key vocabulary. You can even have them go to the textbook website to take a practice quiz or a variety of review games.

Textbook website: www.classzone.com