Welcome Prospective AP biology students 2014-2015

Its time to begin on our journey.

I realize you have many questions before signing up for AP biology. I hope this page provides you with answers to everything you want to know abotu signing up for AP biology.


Okay, I am in! When do I start?

First, fill out the AP application and turn it into the main office and ask the office staff to put it into your counselours inbox. You will find out by May whether you will be in the course or not. The course does begin before the new school year starts. Students that are enrolled in AP biology will have summer homework which consists of nonfiction reading, review of five chapters from the AP biology textbook, and chapter outlines, review questions, flash cards, and concept maps of the assigned chapters. Click here to download the summer work packed.

What do you need to join?

The prerequisites are that students must have strong commitment to their learning which means no U's in cooperation or work habits on the Spring 2014 twenty week report card. Students must also have already taken general biology. Depending on the number of applicants, students may have to take a basic biology exam to enroll in the class.

What is my commitment?

Students can expect to commit a minimum of 5 hours outside of class which include rereading chapters, studying with study groups, reviewing flash cards, taking practice exams, and other types of reviewing styles. Please consider what other commitments you might have next year before you join AP biology. Will yo ube in leadership, a sport, acting, volunteering, etc. If so, then plan out a weekly schedule and see if you have enough time to dedicate to AP biology.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me @ heymrarias@gmail.com