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Mr. Arias


I am one of the science teachers here at Northridge Academy High School. I completed my bachelor's of science in Biology at CSU Los Angeles. I received my teaching credential through CSU Northridge's ACT credential program and recieved my Master in Science Ed at CSU Northridge as well. In the fall of 2009 I received National Board Certification in Science with a specialty in biology.

Educational Philosophy

All students must have a strong foundation of scientific education in order to be well informed and productive members of an ever evolving technological and scientifically based society. I believe that all students can learn, and I must use students strenghts to facilitate their learning. My goal is to teach students biology through the use of inquiry and investigation of scientific labs and activities that require students to develop their critical thinking and anlytical thinking skills. The purpose of my Biology classes are to expose students to the dynamic world of biology and the greater community of science. It is imperative that we all are taught to be mindful thinkers and learners. Here at Northridge Academy we strive to help students inspire and achieve their own goals. I am pleased to collaborate with all parents and guardians in the opportunity to guide our students to achieve and surpass their own potential.

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